The Role of Fishery Technology to Support the National Economy
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Senin, 04 Juni 2012 08:10
 The Role of Fishery Technology to Support the National Economy


The role of technology in simply or modernly for fish capturing or aquaculture must be conducted simultaneously and continuously within the framework of the responsible fisheries implementation in order that fisheries products become the aspect of consumption, marketing, and export earnings to support the national economy. The fishery important role in providing high-quality animal protein is relatively inexpensive and easily obtained which is providing employment and supplying raw material of various industries. Indonesia fisheries resources, both marine fishing resources and aquaculture, have a great potential in the fulfillment of Indonesia community nutrition because fish contain high quality protein with a range of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fatty acids omega-3 which is efficacious against a variety of diseases and helps the brain development.
Even though it is not optimal, the capturing and cultivation technology have been successfully utilizing the existing resources. Therefore, a good technology for handling the catch and harvests should be applied to maintain the quality and safety. Processing technology, in addition to increase the added value of fishery commodities, also provides a selection of products to be consumed by the public. So, the contribution of fisheries in fulfilling the community nutritional needs through animal food product can be achieved and ultimately contribute to the productive and sustainable fisheries which can enhance the national economy.


Key words: Technology, Fishery, National Economy

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